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Handy Trick

2009-11-18 05:33:20 by 9meelahmeetah

If any wants to download videos or games of newgrounds (or any website really), all you have to do is this...

1.Get Mozilla Firefox
2.Install (obviously)
3.Open and goto (or w.e flash games site u wanna goto)
4.Click on a video that you want to watch, or game you want to play
5.Wait 'till it loads fully
6.Right click, view page source
7.Ctrl+F or goto the "Edit" at the top
8.Find ".swf" without the quotations (")
9.Copy the link that says, and so on ( <--
there will be extra stuff added on there, because of what gmae/movie ur watching
10.Paste the link of and so on in the address bar of that game/movie
11.File,Save Page As (name it whatever)
12.BOOM!!! DONE!

p.s. the download goes fast as, so yer! :P


Handy Trick


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2009-11-20 20:10:22

woohoo i already knew this hehehehehehehehehehehehhe someone comment!

9meelahmeetah responds:

shut up cameron, lol